Hello, I'm Salvatore Graziani
Currently based in Amsterdam.

personal statement

Self-taught curious eclectic, mainly focused on audiovisual arts with cinema as guide with all its alternations and technical processes.
Confident, newness-seeker, complexity lover, enraptured by beauty.
Resolute and tenacious experimenter, quick and accurate.
Always thirsty for knowledge and improvement; versatile and willing to get contaminated by every sort of things.

main abilities

In almost 10 years of experience I have worked on numerous projects with the following roles.

Video Editor
Motion Graphics Designer
Creative Code Developer
Digital Image Technician



Adobe Suite (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign) / AVID Media Composer / DaVinci Resolve / Cinema 4D / DAWs / Silverstack / Hedge / SCRATCH / Resolume Arena / Touch Designer / Nuke / CaptureONE / Autocad / Sketch / Scratch / Silverstack / Hedge


Javascript w/ libraries and frameworks (JQuery, D3, three.js, React, AngularJS, Pixi.js, GSAP) / HTML5 / CSS3/SASS / PHP / Wordpress / Processing / Arduino / vvvv / OF / TouchDesigner


2D/3D Motion Graphics / NLEs / Color Correction / D.I.T. / Camera Operator / Director / Cinematographer / UAV Pilot / Interaction Design / UX/UI / 3D rendering / Graphic Design / Web Developer / Front End Developer / IT technician / Analog Photography / Film developing / Digital Photography / Image PP / On-Set Audio Recording / Sound Editing / Music Compositor / Live Stage Light Mixing / Electronic Prototyping


Italian - Native
English - QCER B2.1

Let’s talk

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.